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Garalon finally down

After quite a few very frustrating raids, where we hardly got to try him out due to people not being able to raid, we finally managed to down Garalon! Huzza for us (we will avoid talking about the 0.1 sec enrage timer)!

Not only did we get him down, we also managed to get Wind Lord Mel’jarak down just before the raid ended. Double huzza!

We had a lot of problems getting people to sign due to IRL before christmas, but after some diskussions we have now set the new raid days to Tuesdays and Thursdays, which payed of immediately after the winter break. Earlier this winter we had around 1 raid per reset, witch didnt help since we couldnt progress with the limited time we had. But now with the two raid days, we can finally progress, and we did! Great job today guys :)

We have also welcomed a couple of new and old faces to Inquisitor, including Iponu, our own cuddly daddy bear. The community has grown quite a bit since MoP came out, and we hope that more old (and new) people will join us soon.

PS: I also got some phats, so now i look cool(er)!


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INQUISITOR is looking for new members

Since World of Warcraft – Mist of Pandara was released a lot of old core members have ventured back to take up wepons to fight back the hord and to explore the new continent of Pandara. Inquisitor has not been raid active since the early instances in Cataclysm but some of us has got back the desire to raid again. We will never be as active in raiding as we where back in the old days, but we do want to try to raid more casual. So we are trying to get some people together 1 time per week to start clearing normal raid content to start with.

At the moment we are lacking some classes to get a constant group going. What we are looking for are mostly healer, a tank and the odd ranged dps:
- 1-2 healers, pref palla, shaman or druid (no priest!)
- 1 warlock
- Monk/druid tank

If you are looking for a guild to call home, we might be the place for you. Apply by PM:ing Centrius on the forum with the following information:
- Your WoW history
- Raid experience
- Short why you want to join Inquisitor

A very important note: if you are not a very social person, who dont like to interact with ppl online in the guild, then this is not the place for you. The most important thing is that you as a person integrate into our community and that you bring a positiv attitude.

PS: A small poke to our old team members: Come back! Ged will make you cookies!

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How A Classic MMO Survived A Disastrous Launch

We all know the hassle that can occur during launch for any MMORPG (or other game for that matter). Servers going down, queues that’s 3 hours long, and when you finally get into the login screen, you get dropped from the server. Or why not the lag that usually cripples any form of game play for a few days? This was the standard launch of many MMORPG’s that we have seen, World of Warcraft being one of them.

Kotaku has published a very fun and interesting article by Matt Firor, the original producer of Dark Age of Camelot (10 years and still going strong). It’s about the launch of DAoC and all the problems they encountered, everything from from crashing servers due to MYSql script in a diffrent application, to having to camp a parking spot(!) for days so not to block a IR signal they needed from a different building.

The whole article can be read at this link. It’s well worth your time and it might give you some perspective on the SWTOR launch that is coming up faster and faster. I am sure that BioWare will have their launch ironed out for the masses when the gates are finally opened up. Enjoy!

Ten years ago, I began my career in the gaming industry by signing on to help with the imminent launch of Dark Age of Camelot. That game and its team still holds a special place in my heart, though most of the founders from that day have went their seperate ways. Matt Firor, the original producer, asked me to post his recollections of that launch.

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Auction house – what we might expect

Askajedi’s Momus has written a very interesting article about his take on the MMO auction house system, and what we should and could expect in SWTOR. World of Warcraft has pretty much set the standards how the auction house system works and we should expect it to be very similar when it launches. Momus also brings up the value of credits and how it differs from the gold/silver/copper from WoW and gives a few pointers in this area. He is back in World of Warcraft at the moment to hone his auction skills and he has some good tips to people who wants to be prepared to be one of the first SWTOR tycoons.
You can read the whole article here.

For me, personally, I had a very hard time playing the acution house game in World of Warcraft and it wasn’t until the last expansion that I really got around to mastering it (6 years, golf clap). Although, the inflation made it easier and the fact that Blizzard pretty much threw money on you just for loging in. But I still remember the first year, I hardly managed to get over 100g. I wasn’t one of those that played 24/7, on the contrary, it took me close to 6 months to get to lvl 60. Hopefully this won’t be the case when SWTOR hits. I must have snapped up something over the 6 years I played World of Warcraft :)