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First major patch and maintenance delayed for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Cleared your schedule later today to try out the new content in Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s first major patch? Well, we hate to disappoint you, but it looks like your adventures against hordes of space zombies will be delayed a little longer. According to an official announcement this morning, the scheduled maintenance has been delayed and patch 1.1 along with it, with the most definitive new information simply being some time next week.

While the announcement doesn’t go into details about the rationale, it notes that there were late-surfacing issues uncovered by players on the test realm that required additional maintenance to correct, forcing the team to bring the patch back and polish it a few more times. A definite time will be posted to the community as soon as it’s available. It’s disappointing, certainly, but the idea of putting out the game’s first major patch before the game had even been out of retail release for a month may have been overly ambitious.

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1.0.2d Patch Notes 1/12/2012

Today, patch 1.0.2d was released and should be up on all servers. Fingers crossed for 1.1 next week?

Fixed an exploit that allowed the removal of Armoring item modifications that were not intended to be available for removal on Artifact quality items.

Flashpoints and Operations
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented players from resetting their active Flashpoint.

Eternity Vault
Using “Reset All Active Operations” no longer causes Soa and the Ancient Pylons to respawn even if the player is currently locked out of these encounters.

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GameReactorTV Talks with SWTOR Senior Writer Hall Hood

Text below take from TorWars and writer Acea Engen, original article here.

GameReactorTV recently chased down Hall Hood, a Senior Writer for BioWare on Star Wars: The Old Republic. They were able to take a decent bit of time and chat with Hood, mostly regarding story and writing for SWTOR.

In the interview they primarily discuss story-related aspects of SWTOR, and what it was like to tackle the different storylines of the classes from Mr. Hood’s perspective. One particular point of note is Hood’s discussion on drawing players to Non-Force using classes; and how when it came to Imperial Agent and Trooper storylines; BioWare had plenty of story-telling freedom, as they are some of the least-explored classes.

Mr. Hood also talks about how the writers of SWTOR approach the job much like you would approach writing for a TV series, as they will have major story-arcs concluded; but unanswered questions will be left to keep players engaged. The video is inter-cut with gameplay footage and is worth a watch. Check it out below.

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SWTOR Collector’s Edition Unboxing

BioWare has released a video of the un-boxing of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Collectors Edition! You get to see all the content in the box plus you get to finaly see ingame animation videos of the digital swag.

The Collector’s Edition of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ includes an exciting variety of exclusive material. Take a look at this video to see all of the physical collectibles and the in-game items available in this limited edition.