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Hands on: Trooper

Charles Onyett at IGN has written a great article about the Tropper and his hands on experience. He was a bit sceptical at first, but as you can see, he changed his mind pretty fast.

At level 18, I feel silly for doubting the Trooper. After a large number of his abilities were unlocked, it became obvious this class was seriously dangerous. He can wear all armor types, though is best dressed in heavy gear to deflect as much damage as possible while he sprays blaster fire across battle zones. Initially his abilities aren’t especially exciting. He gets a Hammer Shot, his core attack, that fires off a volley without consuming his ammunition — his class-specific resource. Most of his abilities do consume ammo, which slowly regenerates as he fights, and can also be swiftly replenished with a recharge ability that’s limited by a cooldown.

He gives you a great breakdown of what you can expect from the class, ammo, skills etc. He also toch base with some other things like companions and his view of them as well as other aspects of the game. It’s a great read and I am hoping for more in-depth looks into all the classes soon. To read the article, go here.

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SWTOR PvP and Warzones

The nice people at IGN has made a article with a great overview of the diffrent PVP scenarios we will see in the upcoming launch of SWTOR. Hopefully we will get one or two more before the game hits 20th december. The article is broken down into the two official PVP scenarios that has been released so far: Alderaan and Hutball. They give you a short but great overview what you can expect from each scenarios and what the author thinks of each. Go check it out here.

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New video playthrough – Huttball PvP match

In this new video playthrough, TotalBiscuit plays a Huttball PvP match in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The video is well worth watching. You get a good overview of the fight, the graphics (and we must say, it looks very nice indeed!) and the overall feel of the PvP setting and game. He also uttered these words (that are very true):

I have a light saber, why do I care about the ball, damn it!

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Align your guild

Some updates on the Pre-Lauch Guild program:

Back in March we initiated our Pre-Launch Guild Program, where members of the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community could search for already established guilds or register one of their very own through the Guild Headquarters page. We are thrilled to announce that we have begun the second phase of our Pre-Launch Guild Program!

With Phase 2: Alignment, we are introducing new features which allow guilds to set their allegiance with other guilds in The Old Republic. Now a guild leader, along with members who have the proper permissions, can select up to three guilds as either Allies or Adversaries, depending on their faction affiliation. Qualifying guilds that are marked as Allies and Adversaries of other guilds will have the highest chance of being placed in the game together, allowing these guilds to coexist on the same server.

Another feature being implemented with Phase 2 is the ability for guild leaders and members with the proper permissions to invite friends to join their guild via email. You can start recruiting new members today!

To learn more about guilds in The Old Republic, check out the Guilds Game System page for details, and to search for or join a guild, visit the Guild HQ now! Also be sure to visit the Guilds FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.

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Table of Content

  1. Abstract
  2. General Terms
  3. Introduction
  4. What do we want?
  5. Incentives
    a. Realm, Guild & Personal Incentives
  6. Reflection

1. Abstract

The main purpose of this article is to reflect and outline, what kind of incentives people have for participating in player vs player combat, and what kind of problems can arise.
This isn’t an article about choosing between PvE or PvP and should not be treated as such.

I original posted a part of this article in extension of the official SWToR Community Q&A (source:, hence the name of the article.

2. General Terms

SWToR: Star Wars the old republic
DEV: developer
MMORPG: massive multiplayer online role playing game
Q&A: questions & answers
PvP: player vs player
RvR: realm vs realm
PvE: players vs environment

3. Introduction

First and foremost, I think it’s a great opportunity for the community of SWToR, to able to rise viable questions towards such as PvP.

Based upon all the different DEV interviews I have watched and read while intensely following the game, I get the overall impression that the DEV’s do act accordingly, if the claim is legitimate.
I do however sometimes get the feeling, they are afraid of creating the best possible content, which caters a specific type of play style, namely the target group of PvP players.

I know many of my points below have been covered in previous questions/posts in original Q&A, but I just need to voice my opinion. I need to do so, because every other MMORPG have failed to make a fully viable PVP system and that scares me. Recently at PAX Prime (source: BioWare announced new PvP details. An entire planet dedicated to PvP, world PvP and territorial control to be exact, the news made me very excited and hopeful towards the future fate of PvP in SWToR. One thing made me slightly worried; when they began to talk about, why we should participate and what kind of rewards we could get by doing so.
They only mentioned items, badges and so forth. I know they announced different objectives will be added to the game, but they need to ensure the PvP audience now. I would be so sad, if every other aspect of the game were flawless and original,  then fall short on the PvP part again.

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