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Garalon finally down

After quite a few very frustrating raids, where we hardly got to try him out due to people not being able to raid, we finally managed to down Garalon! Huzza for us (we will avoid talking about the 0.1 sec enrage timer)!

Not only did we get him down, we also managed to get Wind Lord Mel’jarak down just before the raid ended. Double huzza!

We had a lot of problems getting people to sign due to IRL before christmas, but after some diskussions we have now set the new raid days to Tuesdays and Thursdays, which payed of immediately after the winter break. Earlier this winter we had around 1 raid per reset, witch didnt help since we couldnt progress with the limited time we had. But now with the two raid days, we can finally progress, and we did! Great job today guys :)

We have also welcomed a couple of new and old faces to Inquisitor, including Iponu, our own cuddly daddy bear. The community has grown quite a bit since MoP came out, and we hope that more old (and new) people will join us soon.

PS: I also got some phats, so now i look cool(er)!