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SWTOR: Flashpoints and Early Access

One thing that people have wanted to know for a long time is how many Flashpoints SWTOR will have when the game goes live. The SWTOR main panel at New York Comic Con last week dropped a bit of info concerning this:

There will be 15 Flashpoints available at launch with a new Flashpoint becoming available to players every few levels throughout the leveling up experience. All 15 Flashpoints will be available at the level cap of 50, with new, high-level versions unlocking for all Flashpoints.

*Note: Most Flashpoints are for both factions, some are exclusive to either Republic or Empire. No further clarification on that point as of yet.

To check out a long interview with Senior Online Community Manager Stephen Reid from Comic Con, go to TORWars. You can go to the page here.

There have also been some questions about early access, when do we get the information etc. Just to clarify for those that wonder: Early Access has not been given a date yet. BioWare will give us information at a later date. A good guess would be that early access gets a 3-7 days head start, but this is just speculation at the moment.

What is Early Game Access?
Early Game Access for Star Wars: The Old Republic is an opportunity for those who have pre-ordered the Game to start playing before the Game’s official release. Pre-order customers will be allowed to play the Game from when Early Game Access starts until launch without obligation.

When does Early Game Access begin?
Early Game Access will begin prior to the official release of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Precise dates will be revealed at a later time.

When does Early Game Access end?
Early Game Access will end on the day that Star Wars: The Old Republic is officially released on December 20th, 2011.