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How A Classic MMO Survived A Disastrous Launch

We all know the hassle that can occur during launch for any MMORPG (or other game for that matter). Servers going down, queues that’s 3 hours long, and when you finally get into the login screen, you get dropped from the server. Or why not the lag that usually cripples any form of game play for a few days? This was the standard launch of many MMORPG’s that we have seen, World of Warcraft being one of them.

Kotaku has published a very fun and interesting article by Matt Firor, the original producer of Dark Age of Camelot (10 years and still going strong). It’s about the launch of DAoC and all the problems they encountered, everything from from crashing servers due to MYSql script in a diffrent application, to having to camp a parking spot(!) for days so not to block a IR signal they needed from a different building.

The whole article can be read at this link. It’s well worth your time and it might give you some perspective on the SWTOR launch that is coming up faster and faster. I am sure that BioWare will have their launch ironed out for the masses when the gates are finally opened up. Enjoy!

Ten years ago, I began my career in the gaming industry by signing on to help with the imminent launch of Dark Age of Camelot. That game and its team still holds a special place in my heart, though most of the founders from that day have went their seperate ways. Matt Firor, the original producer, asked me to post his recollections of that launch.

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Table of Content

  1. Abstract
  2. General Terms
  3. Introduction
  4. What do we want?
  5. Incentives
    a. Realm, Guild & Personal Incentives
  6. Reflection

1. Abstract

The main purpose of this article is to reflect and outline, what kind of incentives people have for participating in player vs player combat, and what kind of problems can arise.
This isn’t an article about choosing between PvE or PvP and should not be treated as such.

I original posted a part of this article in extension of the official SWToR Community Q&A (source:, hence the name of the article.

2. General Terms

SWToR: Star Wars the old republic
DEV: developer
MMORPG: massive multiplayer online role playing game
Q&A: questions & answers
PvP: player vs player
RvR: realm vs realm
PvE: players vs environment

3. Introduction

First and foremost, I think it’s a great opportunity for the community of SWToR, to able to rise viable questions towards such as PvP.

Based upon all the different DEV interviews I have watched and read while intensely following the game, I get the overall impression that the DEV’s do act accordingly, if the claim is legitimate.
I do however sometimes get the feeling, they are afraid of creating the best possible content, which caters a specific type of play style, namely the target group of PvP players.

I know many of my points below have been covered in previous questions/posts in original Q&A, but I just need to voice my opinion. I need to do so, because every other MMORPG have failed to make a fully viable PVP system and that scares me. Recently at PAX Prime (source: BioWare announced new PvP details. An entire planet dedicated to PvP, world PvP and territorial control to be exact, the news made me very excited and hopeful towards the future fate of PvP in SWToR. One thing made me slightly worried; when they began to talk about, why we should participate and what kind of rewards we could get by doing so.
They only mentioned items, badges and so forth. I know they announced different objectives will be added to the game, but they need to ensure the PvP audience now. I would be so sad, if every other aspect of the game were flawless and original,  then fall short on the PvP part again.

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