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SWTOR lore, essential reading

Star wars is a big universe, and is so full of resources that just the task of finding out what you need to read, watch or play in order to know a specific era, can be a daunting task in itself. To that end I give you:

Star Wars the Old Repulic Era – Essential Reading
Centrius recently posted a great article on the lore of the Star Wars universe, yet after reading it i caught myself thinking “thats great, but how about people that just want to know the essentials”. So I went on the prowl, scouring the web for information, and have come up with four avenues for gaining information about the Old Repulic Era, within which SWTOR will take place: The SWTOR timeline, the KOTOR games, the Novels and the comic books.

Timeline: The official SWTOR timeline is a video diary, narrated by a Jedi  master. This series is built as a historical review of the historical events that led to the current situation – starting with current events and working backwards.  The Series currently consists of 12x 3-5 minute videos:

Games: SWTOR relies heavily on the canon establish in the two computer game titles KOTOR & KOTOR2, both of which provide great insight into the conflicts and personal motivations behind the events leading up to the start of the SWTOR period. Either play both KOTOR games, go to these links on Wookipedia where loads of information is available:

Books: Star Wars has such an astonishingly huge line of novels detailing the universe, that reading them all would probably take a decade.  But for the Old Repulic Era there are only a few, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s easy to read all the books, but then few books also means that very little has been covered, and most of the events and characters of the era are unknown to us. The Books currently available that has are directly linked to the SWTOR era are:

Fatal Alliance:

Comics: The Star Wars universe also has a great range of comic books, the line of comics detailing events in the Old republic started with “Tales of the Jedi” which turned into “Knights of the Old Republic” just prior to the launch of the computer game. Later appeared a series simply dubbed “The Old Republic” and one called “Knight Errant”.

Tales of the Jedi: &
Knights of the Old Republic:
The Old Republic:
Knight Errant:

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Lore, books and comics

So you like lore. Pretty much any lore that is connected to the game you like. You google to find info, read wiki pages or buy books, all to try to get a comprehensive overview of the timeline. This works pretty easy for most games, since they don’t have a rich background reaching back 5, 10, 15 years.

Then we come to the Star Wars universe and all I can say is – oh, sweet mother of everything that is geeky! The lore from the saga is extensive and you can literally lock yourself in for a year and still not read everything that’s out there.

Let’s take the books for example. They are well over 100 official books out as we speak and new ones are popping up like dandelion on your concrete driveway. I am not even going to go into the fan fiction since we all know that every Star Wars fan of worth has at least one Star Wars story hidden under their bed (and I am guessing at least 50 % has a part about princess Leia and that golden bikini – don’t deny it!).

Then you have the RP books, and for me personally, this is one of my favorite genre. You get an in depth look at all the different parts of the lore, such as characters, weapons, environments, places, etc. I can’t say that I play any IRL RP but it doesn’t matter, it’s still a great way to get down and dirty with the lore.

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