Guild Structure

Inquisitor Community Leader (ICL)

The Community Leader of Inquisitor is the benevolent dictator that leads the entire community, he or she is the unifying figure of Inquisitor overseeing the general operation of the community, setting the direction, developing all aspects of the community and making decisions which affect the whole community across all game platforms.


Inquisitor Community Officers (ICO’s)

The Community Officers are charged with the duty to ensure operational capability of the guild. It is their job to advise the Community Leader and to find, screen, suggest oversee and appoint Division Leaders and operational management team members, in order to secure operational integrity of Inquisitor across all games, forum, website, etc. .The Community Officers are the primary judicial and legislative body of Inquisitor. Game divisions of sufficient size can operate their own justice & penal system if approved by the Community Leader.


Operational Management Team (OMT)

The Operational Management Team is a group of staff members with varied roles and responsibilities. They are the group that maintain the communities ability to function, to grow, to have fun – their jobs range from recruitment, public affairs, website admin, forum admin, voice coms admin, and many others.


Division Leaders (DL)

The Division Leaders are men or women in charge of running game community of individual games. DL’s can run their game division as they see fit with any form of leadership structure they desire as long as the Inquisitor mentality and spirit is preserved. Division Leaders are initially selected by the ICO’s and ICL from among volunteers, replacements can be chosen by the same group should DL request it, or if he or she is unable to fulfill the duties required to run the division to the ICO’s satisfaction.