Guild profile

1. Mission Statement

To have fun. Inquisitor is a gaming community, and the point of gaming is to have fun, so that is what we aim to achieve. If our members are not enjoying themselves, they wouldn’t log on and we wouldn’t have a community. We are a diverse community with wide differences in age, nationality, interests and gaming behavior. The majority of us are no longer in our late teens or early twenties, so may not have the time to go full hardcore gamemode as we did in other games, but we retain our hardcore mindset – a hardcore approach to casual gaming.

Inquisitor’s core is made up of friends and acquaintances going back 10 or more years online as well as RL, we are brothers (and sisters) in arms and the older members have built up a rapport with each other that will probably be hard to understand as a new player – but don’t be discouraged, one day you will understand all the jokes, jabs and subtle insults flying through voice coms.

No matter the game, it is always the goal for Inquisitor to excel at the game. An Inquisitor should strive to be better than average at their chosen game profession, as such all Inquisitors should be his or her own toughest performance critic and always be looking for things to improve at or do differently.

2. Conduct

Don’t be an ass. All Inquisitor members are expected to conduct themselves professionally on all public forums as well as ingame. Scamming, begging, griefing, hacking, cheating or other such conduct is not allowed. If you are in doubt if your behavior is crossing the line it probably is.

Inquisitor will not tolerate internal fighting among members – there will always be ego’s clashing in online gaming, but combative or abusive members will be removed. Whether it’s on voice coms, forums or in-game chat, Inquisitor has ZERO tolerance for any kind of racial, ethnic, religious or sexual discrimination.

Don’t play when you don’t feel like it. If you feel forced to play or you are just in a bad mood don’t play. One person in the wrong mood can kill the fun for everyone he or she is playing with.

3. Activity

Inquisitor does not expect people to be on every day or even every week, but if you are on and there is a group going or forming, you should strongly consider joining it. We will not have mandatory operations, so if you don’t like the OP setup or the guys in charge, then it is your choice to participate or not. But scheduled OP’s are the things that make us a group, the times we can show our friends and enemies what we can do, so we do of course want everyone that can participate to do so – at the same time you can only get into the more specialized groups by meeting specific participation levels.

Inquisitor advises its members to notify the guild of any planned or prolonged absence from a game, a couple of weeks or more then post on the forum so we know. Similarly if you are going to be taking a break let us know … if you haven’t been on for more than a month and we don’t know anything you will be marked as inactive with further actions as unannounced inactivity continues.