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INQUISITOR finally on the right track

After a few weeks where we have filled the raids with random people we finally managed to get a complete Inquisitor guild run in Mogu’shan Vaults and we ended up clearing it all for the first time. Elegelon went down after a couple of semi good tries and the Will of the Emperor went down after just 3 tries, with a very retarded whipe on the second try at 8% . It really felt like old times and we had a blast. It looks like we are finally on the right track and with some more people incoming I see a bright future for the community.

We also upped the raiding to two days instead of just one. With this change we will be able to clear Mogu’shan Vaults every reset and get started with Heart of Fear and maybe have it cleared with in a couple of resets, and then we can move on to Terrace of endless spring and heroics after that. But if i know my crew we will probably get HoF down before the second reset.

For any random player that wishes to raid on a semi casual level, you are welcome to send me application on the forum with the following information:
- Your WoW history
- Raid experience
- Short why you want to join Inquisitor

Atm we are mostly looking for 1 healer (not priest) and a tank.

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