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Inquisitor raid progress:

For the past few weeks now, we’ve been getting through the grind. Having cleared both Karragas Palace with it’s new content, along with Eternity vault on both 16 and 8man Nightmare Mode.¬†Though the various encounters have been been limited in terms of providing any real challenge. Soa (final EV boss) proved to be the only, mechanical fight that required any form of continues struggle.

Our current raid schedule looks to be something like: 16man Nightmare runs on Tuesdays, and perhaps Wednesdays. While seperate 8man groups running if need be, throughout the rest of the week.

The experiences of raiding so far has been quite rewarding though, from the time we stared into the eyes of the first world bosses – to downing Karraga in his War of the World like Tripod. We’ve had quite a few laughs discussing the Balls of lightning on Soa, even announcing them eventually took its toll, when people started mixing up Balls and Mind Traps, leading to the concept of “Mind Balls”. I think I can say with confidence, that never before have the word balls been uttered to such an extent, and so broadly discussed, in such a short amount of time as it has been these past weeks. Surely a world record.

With entering the month of February – we are digging in, while looking forward to new PvE content, that is said to be arriving sometime during March month.

Pictures from the various raids can be found at the bottom of the article:


With regards, Thales РMaster of Personnel. 


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