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Bloodworthy EU – Guild Battle wanted !

This is a message to all guilds, both Empire and Republic located on the Bloodworthy EU server. We here in Inquisitor, a guild of mere 50-60 active members, would like to invite all of you, to contact us in the hopes of setting up a local guild vs. guild battle event, in the area of Outlaw’s Den on Tatooine.

The format that we are gunning for, is having between 30-40 players signed up for each guild or alternatively 16vs16 (Full ops). Moving in face to face, in a huge brawl of sorts – with the objective of securing honor and glory for your respective guild.

As some of you may have experienced at this point, there exists a slight vacum between the amount of time required to run through the current available content – and the actual free time we may have for playing. With the Operations taking 1-2 days to clear, and Ilum being rather desolate. Having such an event seems to be a clear solution to our hunger for playing together, defeating boredom, having fun and doing something semi-meaningful in the process.

So if you are indeed reading this, whether it be as a member of a guild or officer – thinking: This seems like a splendid idea! Contact one of the officers in Inquisitor (Irinicus, Thales, Iddqd) and we’ll see if we can start arranging things.

Aside from this, we’ve also been discussing either hosting a 4on4 PvP tournaments in the form of a 8-32 team winner/loser bracket, where each team who signs up has to supply a money buy in (30-50k credits.) Gathering this into a price pool for the top 3 winners. Good way to pay your repair bills I’m sure.


With regards, Thales – Master of Personnel.

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