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First major patch and maintenance delayed for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Cleared your schedule later today to try out the new content in Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s first major patch? Well, we hate to disappoint you, but it looks like your adventures against hordes of space zombies will be delayed a little longer. According to an official announcement this morning, the scheduled maintenance has been delayed and patch 1.1 along with it, with the most definitive new information simply being some time next week.

While the announcement doesn’t go into details about the rationale, it notes that there were late-surfacing issues uncovered by players on the test realm that required additional maintenance to correct, forcing the team to bring the patch back and polish it a few more times. A definite time will be posted to the community as soon as it’s available. It’s disappointing, certainly, but the idea of putting out the game’s first major patch before the game had even been out of retail release for a month may have been overly ambitious.

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