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Inquisitor is online!

Having spent the past months preparing for the launch of SWTOR, we are all finally in-game and the guild is operational. Inquisitor has been established on Bloodworthy EU, along with most of the Scandinavian guilds  – with the name “Inq” (due to being put on another server with the guild pre-placement – and “inquisitor” being blocked worldwide).

Once early access ended, our guild quickly reached 70 members in-game, with a handful of members already reaching level 50 around christmas day, and starting to run endgame operations. We can already feel the excitement for what the future might hold – the hunger can already be felt. On the second day of early access we found ourselves staring into the eyes of the monstrous “The First”, world boss on Dromund Kaas. curious as to the nature of this beast, we eagerly mustered nine of our bravest and lounged ahead. Three designated healers, our Emperor maintanking; the Heroic boss fell beneath our blaster and lightsabers after some 10 minutes. Victory was ours.

Since then we have downed the world bosses on Tattoine, Alderaan and Taris as well.


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