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Lore, books and comics

So you like lore. Pretty much any lore that is connected to the game you like. You google to find info, read wiki pages or buy books, all to try to get a comprehensive overview of the timeline. This works pretty easy for most games, since they don’t have a rich background reaching back 5, 10, 15 years.

Then we come to the Star Wars universe and all I can say is – oh, sweet mother of everything that is geeky! The lore from the saga is extensive and you can literally lock yourself in for a year and still not read everything that’s out there.

Let’s take the books for example. They are well over 100 official books out as we speak and new ones are popping up like dandelion on your concrete driveway. I am not even going to go into the fan fiction since we all know that every Star Wars fan of worth has at least one Star Wars story hidden under their bed (and I am guessing at least 50 % has a part about princess Leia and that golden bikini – don’t deny it!).

Then you have the RP books, and for me personally, this is one of my favorite genre. You get an in depth look at all the different parts of the lore, such as characters, weapons, environments, places, etc. I can’t say that I play any IRL RP but it doesn’t matter, it’s still a great way to get down and dirty with the lore.

Just to take an example, I’m a huge WoW lore fan, and I own pretty much everything when it comes to books (even signed!), pocketbooks, RP books, comics, you name it. The real jewel when it comes to the lore is the RP books. They have tons of history that would eventually find it’s way into the game, so you can understand that I felt a bit smug when I sat on VT and jammered on how x demigod was gonna show up or die and y dragon was gonna come back to rape the world (Deathwing anyone?) etc.

Property of Dark Horse comics. Image is from the comic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Then you come to the comic section. I can’t say that I have collected any special Star Wars comic, but I have bought the odd trade paperback. But I can tell you, there is a lot off goodies in this section. And I mean a lot. Starting from the late 70s with the classic old school comic (107 issues) up until today, there is a wide variety of comics and time periods, all stretching from the Old Republic Era to the Legacy Era.

What people often miss is that this is a treasure trow of lore. You might not get the in depth look that you get from a wiki page or RP books, but you get an up close look instead of that particular era or period. There are of course some exceptions, like the Tales of the Jedi books, where you get to follow the rise and fall of Exar Kun and how he came to be one of the most powerful Sith in the history of the galaxy.

Most comics give you a stand alone story arch with lore infused here and there, for example, the hero of one story line might brush up with a famous Jedi/Sith before his/her prime period in that era. Some might even follow that said Jedi/Sith over his/hers rise to fame. What you get from these comics is a fragmented but captivating view into the lore, not as exact or structured as a wiki page but still vivid and colorful in a whole different way.

I would like to recommend the Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic story arch, it’s set in the same area as SWTOR and it’s 50 comic books. I highly recommend it: it’s got an amazing story and it’s very well drawn (which is never a bad thing, to keep interest up).

Property of Dark Horse comics. Image is from the comic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

So, the question is “where do I get a hold of all these wonderful comics!”. There is a ton out in your local comic shop. Dark Horse comics has published the bulk of the comics and if you own an iPad I would recommend getting their Comic App. They have all the new comics including a lot of the early stuff. Most comics go for 2-3 $ and they have 99 cent Monday’s all the time, so with a bit of luck you can get your hands on a bunch of comics for pretty much nothing. All thought, you should read up a bit to see what comic you would like to start with, since they have so much that it could potentially set you back a bit if you go crazy and buy everything you see.

Why are you still reading this? Go get your comics!



If you´re interested in the comics and would like to start reading, go to, make and account and start getting comics. They also have a nice iPad app for free thats connected to your account. To get an overview of what they have, go here:

If you want to be more selective about reading a certain era, you can go here for a very nice timeline for the comic books:
It gives you all the comics in chronicle order and it’s up to date.

If you want to start reading the books instead, you can go to this link to see the time line for the books:

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