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SWTOR: The End isn’t near, it’s here.

For most of us this will simply be, stating the obvious: Over the past months, the SWToR online community has been in a gradual state of declined and now eventually gone more or less extinct. For this reason the Operational Management in Inquisitor have decided to close down our Star Wars: The Old Republic division effective immediately.

We’d like to thank everyone involved in the operations and community over the past half-year. Achieving what we set out for in part, becoming the leading PvE guild on Bloodworthy. For better or worse we’ve at the least been able to squeeze some good moments out of it, resulting in some happy memories and new-found friendships. Many of which I know personally will continue on as we open up for newer adventures within Diablo 3, releasing just in a matter of days. As well as Guild Wars II, Planetside 2 and Tera Online.

We would also like extend invitations to those of you who have been a part of the SWTOR community, but as of yet not decided which game you’ll be playing onward. To check out the existing forum posts for the various games. There you will surely find multiple people to contact for further adventures.

So on behalf of the Operational Management; Irinicus, Kold, Centrius, Popper and Thales.
Thanks for everything, and we’ll catch you on the flip side.

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Guild Recruitment: Update

This post features a breif overview of Inquisitors current recruitment; Class spesific. As well as information on our current raiding schedule and prerequisites.

Whilst applying for Inquisitor, bare in mind as listed in the original READ THIS post, found in the recruitment section (link below), we seperate between CASUAL applications and RAIDER applications. The requirements for both are different, in terms of attendance and general dedication. But this information can be found in the secondary post. (II)



- Our current raid setup consits of: 

Tuesday: 19.00-23.00 – Either Eternity Vault NIGHTMARE, or Karragas Palace NIGHTMARE.
Wednesday 19.00-23.00 – Progress raid if need be. Otherwise reserved for farming runs through normal.
Thursday: 19.00-23.00 – Progress if need be. Otherwise continued farming for outlocked players.

There may also be set up continued groups for Operations throughout the week, including weekends. But these are considered unofficial, and will therefor not be counted in when calculating player attendance.

After having read this post, continue onward to main recruitment section on our forum, or directly to the secondary post that consists of our application form as well as, guild and recruitment guidelines.

Recruitment section:
Secondary recruitment post:
First recruitment post: (Priority list, updated 24/7.)

Good luck to all applicants! Stay frosty.


With regards, Thales – Master of Personnel.

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Inquisitor raid progress:

For the past few weeks now, we’ve been getting through the grind. Having cleared both Karragas Palace with it’s new content, along with Eternity vault on both 16 and 8man Nightmare Mode. Though the various encounters have been been limited in terms of providing any real challenge. Soa (final EV boss) proved to be the only, mechanical fight that required any form of continues struggle.

Our current raid schedule looks to be something like: 16man Nightmare runs on Tuesdays, and perhaps Wednesdays. While seperate 8man groups running if need be, throughout the rest of the week.

The experiences of raiding so far has been quite rewarding though, from the time we stared into the eyes of the first world bosses – to downing Karraga in his War of the World like Tripod. We’ve had quite a few laughs discussing the Balls of lightning on Soa, even announcing them eventually took its toll, when people started mixing up Balls and Mind Traps, leading to the concept of “Mind Balls”. I think I can say with confidence, that never before have the word balls been uttered to such an extent, and so broadly discussed, in such a short amount of time as it has been these past weeks. Surely a world record.

With entering the month of February – we are digging in, while looking forward to new PvE content, that is said to be arriving sometime during March month.

Pictures from the various raids can be found at the bottom of the article:


With regards, Thales – Master of Personnel. 

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Bloodworthy EU – Guild Battle wanted !

This is a message to all guilds, both Empire and Republic located on the Bloodworthy EU server. We here in Inquisitor, a guild of mere 50-60 active members, would like to invite all of you, to contact us in the hopes of setting up a local guild vs. guild battle event, in the area of Outlaw’s Den on Tatooine.

The format that we are gunning for, is having between 30-40 players signed up for each guild or alternatively 16vs16 (Full ops). Moving in face to face, in a huge brawl of sorts – with the objective of securing honor and glory for your respective guild.

As some of you may have experienced at this point, there exists a slight vacum between the amount of time required to run through the current available content – and the actual free time we may have for playing. With the Operations taking 1-2 days to clear, and Ilum being rather desolate. Having such an event seems to be a clear solution to our hunger for playing together, defeating boredom, having fun and doing something semi-meaningful in the process.

So if you are indeed reading this, whether it be as a member of a guild or officer – thinking: This seems like a splendid idea! Contact one of the officers in Inquisitor (Irinicus, Thales, Iddqd) and we’ll see if we can start arranging things.

Aside from this, we’ve also been discussing either hosting a 4on4 PvP tournaments in the form of a 8-32 team winner/loser bracket, where each team who signs up has to supply a money buy in (30-50k credits.) Gathering this into a price pool for the top 3 winners. Good way to pay your repair bills I’m sure.


With regards, Thales – Master of Personnel.

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Guild Recruitment: Restricted

After having closed the recruitment for Inquisitor this past week, gathering information and structuring our current roster – we will now be opening up for restricted classes. (NOTE: This does not mean however, that we won’t be considering exceptional applications from the other classes as well. )

This is the high priority list:

2 Mercenary Healers
1 Assassin Tank
1 DPS Sorcerer
1 Operative DPS

Our current raiding schedule consists of farming runs for 16man on Tuesday, followed by Hard Mode later the same night – and then finally progress raids, which may continue throughout the week. Signup for the various raids are not mandatory, though keeping a decent attendance is strongly advised for trials and newcomers.

For additional information about Inquisitor – read our profile and structure information found here on our main site. As well as our guidelines that can be found on our Recruitment forum, in the URL below.

With regards, Thales – Master of Personnel.

Application form and guidelines: