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Guide – Reverse Engineering

This excellent guide was posted in the official forum, you can read the whole article here.

Table of Contents

How to use: Since the forum doesn’t allow the ability to create links to different sections of the post, I’ve created a “Find Tag” system. In order to use this, use the “Find” feature on your browser, and enter the appropriate tag. Each tag is enclosed in brackets, begins with FT (For Find Tag), and ends in an abbreviation of the section it is attatched to. For example, to find the Special Thanks section, you would open the Find feature (Usually Ctrl+F) and search for [FT.Thanks]

  • [FT.KI] Known Issues
  • [FT.2] The Two Paths
  • [FT.Lin] Linear Reverse Engineering
  • [FT.Pre] Prefix Reverse Engineering
  • [FT.Crit] Critical Crafting
  • [FT.RE] What Can I Reverse Engineer?
  • [FT.Rand] Random Chance and Maximizing Success
  • [FT.PAC] Pros and Cons of Armor and Weapon Crafting
  • [FT.Plea] A Plea from the Author
  • [FT.Thanks] Special Thanks

Known Issues (Bugs)

Note that when I say “Known” I mean known to players. While we hope we’ve been loud enough to get Bioware to pay attention, we have no confirmation that they know about or acknowledge these as bugs. Any feedback from Reps or Devs would be priceless here.

Reverse Engineering button: The RE button can spontaneously disappear and we don’t know why. Using a keybind (defaulted to I and/or B) to bring up your inventory should resolve the issue. Interacting with a GTN or Bank Kiosk, or a vendor, should also resolve it. If this doesn’t work, press Ctrl+U once to turn off the UI and again to turn it back on.

Prefixes in chat: Another bug is that linking an item with a discovered prefix (see [FT.Pre]) does not show the prefix or associated stats in chat. They do appear in trade windows, inventory, and the GTN. This bug is slated for a fix in 1.1.

Shotguns and Vibroknives: These items do not appear to have RE discoverable schematics. My opinion is that this is an omission or bug, as it doesn’t seem right for one pair of advanced classes to not be able to upgrade their offhands.

Redoubt’s Alacrity T2 Prefix: See [FT.Pre] for an explanation of the prefix system and you’ll notice we don’t know what the T2 Prefix for +Defense and +Alacrity is. This is because no one has reported finding it despite a lot of effort dedicated specifically to doing so. Again, I believe this to be either an omission or a bug, and not working as intended.

Artificers and Armstechs can reverse engineer Custom guns and melee weapons, respectively. Custom items are not meant to be reverse engineered, and the result is a lost Custom and a small amount of materials. This can only happen when the Barrel or hilt mod is in the item, removing that mod will make the item un-RE-able.

Cybertechs can reverse engineer shields and focuses, but when attempting to do so, recieve no materials and the item is destroyed with an error message saying “There is no reverse engineering information for this item.” This is a bug, as Artifice is the craft for reverse engineering shields and focuses.

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How A Classic MMO Survived A Disastrous Launch

We all know the hassle that can occur during launch for any MMORPG (or other game for that matter). Servers going down, queues that’s 3 hours long, and when you finally get into the login screen, you get dropped from the server. Or why not the lag that usually cripples any form of game play for a few days? This was the standard launch of many MMORPG’s that we have seen, World of Warcraft being one of them.

Kotaku has published a very fun and interesting article by Matt Firor, the original producer of Dark Age of Camelot (10 years and still going strong). It’s about the launch of DAoC and all the problems they encountered, everything from from crashing servers due to MYSql script in a diffrent application, to having to camp a parking spot(!) for days so not to block a IR signal they needed from a different building.

The whole article can be read at this link. It’s well worth your time and it might give you some perspective on the SWTOR launch that is coming up faster and faster. I am sure that BioWare will have their launch ironed out for the masses when the gates are finally opened up. Enjoy!

Ten years ago, I began my career in the gaming industry by signing on to help with the imminent launch of Dark Age of Camelot. That game and its team still holds a special place in my heart, though most of the founders from that day have went their seperate ways. Matt Firor, the original producer, asked me to post his recollections of that launch.