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Interview with the ‘Star Wars’ cinematographer Peter Suschitzky

The danish movie website have conducted a really interresting interview with the british cinematographer Peter Suschitzky, whom have worked on such titles as; Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, History of Violence, Mars Attacks and many more.

To no surprise it revolves around cinematography, Peter Suschitzky talks about his general view on dogma, his collaboration David Cronenberg, how he got to work on The Empire Strikes Back and much more.

If you find cinematography interresting & an important part of your movie experience, definitely worth a watch.

The interview is a part of a longer episode, so unless you understand danish, skip to the english part at 6min 20sec.

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Popper speaks on the past, present & future of Inquisitor

The good folks at have conducted an interview with Inquisitor’s own Master of Public Relations Popper. In this interview Popper answers questions from everything about Inquisitor’s origin, vision & what we hope to achieve within SWToR.

What is Inquisitor?
Inquisitor was formed in 2005 and was initially a WOW guild. But we have recently re-launched Inquisitor as a multi-game community centered on SWTOR. We did this because not everyone in our family was done with WOW, and others didn’t intend to play SWTOR, so since we did not want to push away friends just because they didn’t want to play SWTOR with us, we thought now was the time to branch out and cover other games with the same group of friends.
We are a Scandinavian guild, but do allow any nationality entry provided that they can communicate in English and fulfill all other requirements. As such we are 80-90% Scandinavian with a sprinkling of other nationalities mixed in.

How come you picked Inquisitor as your guild name?
Well that’s a pretty long story, but the short version is that we were originally three WOW guilds centered around three cities, Council Members was a guild mainly from Aalborg, Forgotten Pledge mainly from Copenhagen and Army of Elders were mainly from Malmö.
When CM and FP merged, a debate erupted as to what we should call ourselves. We wanted some short and to the point, easy to remember but with a clear and strong tone.  When “Inquisitor” was suggested we liked the general meaning of the word and how it reflected us as a group: an inquisitor is one who “searches out” or “inquires” (Latin inquirere < quaerere, “to seek”), and we sought to conquer azeroth, to discover it secrets and purge the Undead Scourge from “our” lands. In that way our new name also gave the guild a clear role-playing angle, and our players were always found at the frontlines of world pvp – as was very active on Ravencrest the first year or so.
As one of the founders of the original Inquisitor recently reminded me, our merging of guilds into Inquisitor was a direct result of one or two key members of Forgotten Pledge having the key to UBRS, which none of us in Council Members had at the time.  Those were good times indeed.

How would you describe Inquisitors vision?
Inquisitor was founded on a strong principal of friendship and camaraderie.  Initially 70-80% of members belonged to one of three groups of IRL friends, and Inquisitor has always aimed to maintain that incredibly strong bond of family that initially existed, and still exists to this day. A testament to that bond was clearly shown when a long lost member reported in from California, saying that he wanted to play SWTOR, and he couldn’t think of anyone else to play with.
We might have started out as geographically limited groups of friends, but we became a family with members on 3 continents.
In game terms, Inquisitor has always aimed to have a competitive raiding environment capable of competing on a global level – though not on an elite level. But we made it clear when we started preparing for SWTOR, that a more casual atmosphere would be present, though we would still allow and promote the competitive mentality.

You can read the full interview at

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Table of Content

  1. Abstract
  2. General Terms
  3. Introduction
  4. What do we want?
  5. Incentives
    a. Realm, Guild & Personal Incentives
  6. Reflection

1. Abstract

The main purpose of this article is to reflect and outline, what kind of incentives people have for participating in player vs player combat, and what kind of problems can arise.
This isn’t an article about choosing between PvE or PvP and should not be treated as such.

I original posted a part of this article in extension of the official SWToR Community Q&A (source:, hence the name of the article.

2. General Terms

SWToR: Star Wars the old republic
DEV: developer
MMORPG: massive multiplayer online role playing game
Q&A: questions & answers
PvP: player vs player
RvR: realm vs realm
PvE: players vs environment

3. Introduction

First and foremost, I think it’s a great opportunity for the community of SWToR, to able to rise viable questions towards such as PvP.

Based upon all the different DEV interviews I have watched and read while intensely following the game, I get the overall impression that the DEV’s do act accordingly, if the claim is legitimate.
I do however sometimes get the feeling, they are afraid of creating the best possible content, which caters a specific type of play style, namely the target group of PvP players.

I know many of my points below have been covered in previous questions/posts in original Q&A, but I just need to voice my opinion. I need to do so, because every other MMORPG have failed to make a fully viable PVP system and that scares me. Recently at PAX Prime (source: BioWare announced new PvP details. An entire planet dedicated to PvP, world PvP and territorial control to be exact, the news made me very excited and hopeful towards the future fate of PvP in SWToR. One thing made me slightly worried; when they began to talk about, why we should participate and what kind of rewards we could get by doing so.
They only mentioned items, badges and so forth. I know they announced different objectives will be added to the game, but they need to ensure the PvP audience now. I would be so sad, if every other aspect of the game were flawless and original,  then fall short on the PvP part again.

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